The train that runs between Wellington and Auckland.
They wanted to stop this service, but after an outcry from the public, decided to only reduce the number of trips. This move reminded the people of the train trip and it was sold out for months.

The trip takes about 12 hours. At the back of the train is a viewing window, very cool when crossing bridges.

At National Park. This is where we stopped for lunch.

Yes, that is a real volcano :).

One of the many rivers we crossed.


The tulips are really something. I just loved the purple flowers.

The red tulips! wow.

Because tulips are native to Holland.

Mixed red, orange and yellow. These were Sarel's favourites.

It was a day for a picnic. Glad the weather played along.



City to Sea bridge in Wellington

This bridge is full of art and something unique.
It connects Civic Square with the waterfront.

Even the manhole covers are artfully designed. I
think this makes a difference when walking down the street.
Everyone is different

The City Library.

Next to the Library a lane of iron palm trees, connecting with the
City to Sea bridge.


The old gold mine in the Karori Sanctuary. We were not in time to go down the shaft :(.

The conservationists are trying to re-introduce Kiwi and Weka birds, Tautara reptiles and many more back into a natural habitat, free off predators. Some of the predators are domestic cats, rabbits, rats, etc.

This indicates how high these predators can jump to try and scale a fence.

A predator fence was constructed around the sanctuary, designed to keep all of these pest out. It runs for 8.6 km around the sanctuary.

These 2 guys start running when the wind blows. The kiwi is on the right.


'Solace in the wind' on the Wellington waterfront.

Unfortunately vandals pushed the figure to a 60 degree angle. Children then used his head to jump into the harbour. The artist had to repair the damage at own cost. The figure was anchored to the harbour by steel rods that can withstand 3T. It was due to be back on the waterfront after Easter.

The new, revamped Mt. Victoria lookout. The stairs were improved, art moved to different spots and a barrier erected.

The lookout from the waterfront. It is at the top of the hill on the right of the photo.

Yes, Wellington is just full of art :). This is in the Karori wildlife sanctuary.


Paddy, the wanderer. He was a legend in Wellington in the 1920's-1930's.
The girl, his owner, died and he became a wanderer, being driven around by
taxi's to go sightseeing.:)
A drinking fountain memorial was erected for him on the waterfront


I just loved this poster!

Banners were flown around Westpac stadium

This float had helpers throwing little rugby balls! I caught one for my Dad.

The SA and NZ floats. NZ won this round of the sevens.

The crowds lined the streets to catch sight of the players' parade.


The sevens crowd is more important than the rugby.

Even the older people are keen to dress for the occasion.

This year was more timid. Borat's green costume was banned :(
Well, at least we saw some skin.

People were more than happy to pose for the blog.

Everyone was excited to be on a blog for the world to see.
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